Практический рассказ-детектив о том, как построить “резиновый” распределенный кластер для динамического запуска selenium grid в docker. А все для того, чтобы создать песочницу для прогона проектов с автотестами и ускорения их прохождения, и при этом не закупая дополнительные вычислительные мощности. Vimeo

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Many of us have experienced such situations when projects involve +100500 automated tests and all these projects are subject to review more often than once in two weeks. And in the meantime, you don’t have an adequate amount of physical and monetary resources to build up a powerful farm. Fast delivery of value to the customer will be out of the question if regression testing of each modification takes the entire sprint!

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The practical story telling how Devops changed the culture of quality in the Bank. Recently Devops became mainstream topic. But only few people have a deep understanding how to apply it to the process of software quality assurance. Some believe that the Devops kills manual testing. I will talk about changes it makes to the role of QA engineers themself. The discussion main point is NOT about tools or technologies. It’s NOT about the “silver bullet” for your problems with the quality of products.

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Асеева-Нгуен Анастасия

Эксперт в автоматизации тестирования и тренер по инженерным практикам. Моя миссия - распространение культуры качества и DevOps.

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